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Communicate with Angry Parents
12 months ago

How to Deal With Angry Parent

Teachers have to deal with different parents. Sometimes their behaviour is uncontrolled and emotionally unstable parents come to teachers and set forth conditions for teachers to follow and solve the problems they have. Angry parents are a threat for teachers and forewarned teachers should follow some rules in order to avoid conflicts. Here are some tips how to behave in intricate situations.

Listen and Answer Properly

Somebody should be wiser, and that is you. Teacher’s best strategy is to keep silent while a parent fulminates. Let him/her throw all the emotions, so that you could have time to deal with an issue. Any response to explosion of anger with anger will lead only to conflict escalation. You should listen and show that you care. Parents seeing that you are genuinely interested in their problem, will calm down to a certain extent. When the time to answer comes, respond in a calm and soft way, giving the ground for the phenomenon that has already happened and steps to resolve conflict.

The Pitch of Voice

You should show confidence and readiness to solve a problem that’s where pitch of voice may be crucial. Your pitch of voice should be low and consistent. Abrupt sentences will automatically show off you are frightened, and that automatically means angry parents are correct. Low voice will help you hide inconvenient inner condition that may be reflected in a shaky voice.

Mistakes Acknowledgement

You should acknowledge your mistake. Everybody mistakes and it is good to accept it. Explain parents that you are concerned about what happened and you will do your best to solve a problem according to all procedures. Even if you are right and there is no fault, it is better to let a student’s parents think that you will do your best to deal with what disturbs them, so that finally they understand that you as a teacher and all the school manager will cope with any issues.

Ask About Parents’ Opinion

Ask parents about their opinion and how they want the conflict to be solved. Giving a person what he/she want automatically calms him/her down. Parents want to hear and see that things may go the way they want, and their child is safe and will be treated with respect and regarding all his/her needs.

Protect Yourself

If things go very bad, be ready to protect yourself with school administration, or go together to a principal. Do not take conflict personally. It is not about you to blame, it is about many different factors, like parents’ bad experience with other teachers before. Parents may feel that their child does not always get what he/she wants, that’s is why there is only a teacher to condemn.


Unsatisfied parents will always come to a teacher as they want only the best for children and if something disturbs their child, they want to do all they can. A wise teacher’s strategy in such intricate and unpleasant situations is to stay calm, accept parents’ position and solve it peacefully.

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